Melody Hwang is a worship leader, singer-songwriter, and music teacher. Her greatest passion is to create music that inspires hope and love in people’s hearts through her life and music.

Some of her most well-known songs include “黑秀美 (Dark Yet Lovely),” “活水江河 (River of Life),” and “阿爸的懷中 (Father’s Embrace).” Her worship songs continue to touch and impact lives all over the world.

Her debut album “SUDDENLY,” released in 2015, features the hit single “Beauty Arise (美麗翱翔)” which has now been translated into five languages.

Besides music, Melody also loves kids! And it is when the two converge that she is most encouraged and inspired to keep making music. The following testimony from Grace Lee is one of these convergences:

Hey Melody. I want to thank you for your music.. we have your CD that we play often in our car. When kids get home from school we would do a quick devotion and they would often pick your songs to worship or wait upon the lord.

Recently our Sunday school teacher said Jojo is very different from most 5 years old. For example, he knows a lot more bible than the rest and has a deeper understanding of biblical principles.

The teacher said for example, they were asked to draw what they think God is. Most kids draw simple message like God is love. Jojo drew a broken heart mended together and wrote “love never fails”. Teacher asked what he meant by that. He said God is love and love can make a broken heart whole because his love never fails. Where did he get that message? He said its from a song Melody 姐姐 sang.

Grace Lee from California

Outside of music, Melody loves to hike and explore the outdoors. There aren’t that many mountains in Missouri where she currently lives though, so when the hiking urge comes on she often misses her home in California.

Melody currently lives in Kansas City, and when she’s not writing, producing, or teaching, Melody enjoys hanging out with family and friends and baking cheesecakes.